Saturday, October 13, 2012

Quick Update

Exciting news - I'm hard at work on my first serious contribution to saxophone pedagogy, a method book titled A Complete Approach to Sound for the Modern Saxophonist. It is currently in editing and formatting stages, so it will be finished sometime in the next few months. It covers developing and maintaining an ideal tone and also the skills necessary to keep a good tone while playing for long periods of time, while executing technical passages, and while playing in the altissimo register. I'm planning on releasing it as an eBook and in print. I'm also planning sound clips for many if not all of the exercises.  In researching and writing the book I've learned a lot about technical things like the anatomy of the vocal tract, but more excitingly I've made some discoveries only briefly covered in other places at least that I know of.  I'll be releasing more details on the book as they become available. In the mean times expect more of the usual!

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