Thursday, June 19, 2014

Online Workshops: Sound, Overtones, and Altissimo

Currently I'm putting together a number of online workshops for players looking to improve their sound, and for players who would like to improve their ability to play altissimo. They will take place via skype or google hangouts group video chat. They will be free to participate in, and, as the name workshop implies, they welcome you to contribute with your knowledge and experience.

Sound and Overtones Workshop
This workshop will address various techniques and approaches that improve overall sound or tone. Possible topics include embouchure, air support, tongue position, articulation, other voicing techniques, multiphonics, and overtones. If you're interested please email me at and include a note about your overall playing experience.

Altissimo Workshop
This workshop will be divided into two sections: one for players just beginning to play altissimo and one for players who have been playing it for a while but would like to fine tune their control and/or sound. If you are interested please email me at and tell me where you are in terms of altissimo.

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