Friday, October 25, 2019

Rereleased Recordings and Something on the Way

I'm happy to share couple of exciting things. First, I have a new recording coming out, hopefully before the end of the year, called Tane and Anahera. It features a set of tunes for octet and quintet, and the octet music is based on a sci-fi epic that I've written (or least written in my head!). The music has a decidedly futuristic vibe, and the band is fantastic. I'm pumped to share the music with you all.

Second, I've rereleased my recordings. I've had various mishaps with releases in the past, and now they are all cleaned up and available on all of the mainstream music platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc.).

ROC Jazz Collective
This recording was made in 2017, and it features some great musicians who were all in Rochester, NY at the time. The recording features Sterling Cozza on piano, Olivery Haynes on Trumpet, Jakob Ebers on Bass, Stephen Morris on drums, and myself on sax. Oliver, Sterling, and myself contributed compositions for the recording, and my two tunes are Life Pass and Striving. Give it a listen:

Children at Play
This 2011 EP was recorded in Philadelphia with Gabe Globus-Hoenich on drums, Jordan Berger on bass, Matt Davis on guitar, John Britton on trumpet, and myself on sax. The tunes are all my writing, and they were some of my favorites that this band played. We performed regularly in Philly, and we also played in NYC and D.C. The music on the recording is an eclectic mix of jazz, rock, and Afro-Cuban. Here are the links: 
This was my first recording as a leader. My brother John and I co-led the recording with a great group of NYC-based musicians. The rhythm section features Jeremy Siskind on piano, Austin Walker on drums, and Taylor Waugh on bass. We also invited Chris Potter to play on two of the tracks from the album, my composition Ducks In a Row, and my brother's composition Anticipation. The recording turned out great, and we also had a big release show in NYC that Chris joined us for. You can see a transcription of his solo on Confirmation from the performance below. Here are links to the album:

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