Thursday, February 17, 2022

Music I've Been Listening To: Michael Brecker, Pernille Bévort, Tim Armacost, and Ben Wendel

Hey, I've recently discovered some great music I wanted to share.

I listened to Michael Brecker back in high school but only sporadically since then. Recently, I rediscovered why he is so awesome. I found two albums where I think his sound and improvising are just soooo good. Here's a song from each of them:

A player you likely haven't heard of before, Pernille Bévort is a fantastic sounding saxophonist and one of the great saxophone voices from Scandanavia's jazz scene. She recently released a live album with a chordless group - Bévort 3. It was actually recorded in front of a live audience during covid, at Jazzhus Montmartre (Dec 5, 2020) and then Skuespilhuset’s Foyer (July 16, 2021). Here's a track from the album:

Tim Armacost recently wrote a jazz saxophone book, which I'll have something on for you all soon. I was checking out his playing too, and it's really great. Here's what I was listening too:

Last but not least, one of my very favorite saxophonists is Ben Wendel. If you haven't listened to this guy's playing or writing here is my favorite track from his 2020 album:


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