Friday, August 5, 2011

Enlightened Ligature by Theo Wanne (Reviewed)

The last of this set of Theo Wanne reviews is something affordable, his Enlightened Ligature. To me, ligatures are a funny subject simply because there are so many options out there, yet I have't found many that I like or would recommend. The Enlightened Ligature comes pretty close to the mark though, and is available for a large selection of mouthpieces.

A ligature needs to be functional, easy enough to use, and provide the closest version of the sound you're going after. So, how does the Enlightened Ligature measure up? Its definitely functional, meaning it holds the reed securely and easily. It's fairly easy to use, at least a little easier to use than the traditional ligature for a metal Otto Link. Finally, the sound is focused, powerful, and light on its feet.

Sound clips from the play test, Enlightened Ligature + Florida era metal Otto Link:
Ben Plays Enlightened Lig.mp3Ben Plays Enlightened Lig 2.mp3

Comparison with my vintage metal Link ligature:
The vintage Link ligature does not hold the reed as tightly as the Enlightened ligature, and is slightly more annoying to use. The vintage Link ligature sounds more spread, has a somewhat darker tone quality, and is a little more versatile in terms of tone color.

Comparison sound clips:
Ben Plays Vintage Link Lig.mp3, Ben Plays Vintage Link Lig 2.mp3
Ben Plays Modern Link Lig.mp3

I included the modern link ligature sound clip so you could hear something that really contrasted with the Enlightened ligature. The modern link ligature has a much darker and warmer sound than both the vintage link ligature and the Enlightened ligature.

Conclusion: The Enlightened Ligature is a very functional, easy enough to use ligature with a focused, powerful sound.

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