Friday, September 30, 2011

Follow up on Rhythmic Ideas

I wanted to follow up on my post of rhythmic ideas with some recordings to demonstrate a few of the concepts.  Rhythm needs to be felt as well as understood, so hopefully these recordings will help.

The following are just a few points from original post found here

  • Try connecting a few melodic ideas you would normally play separately, or just try extending a phrase  farther than you normally would.
                     Extending a phrase.mp3
  • Try playing a series of shorter phrases, or break up a longer phrase into shorter phrases. Also, try breaking up longer phrases by inserting held notes.  
                     Breaking up a phrase.mp3

Cross Rhythms and Polyrhythms
  • Experiment with basic cross rhythms, grouping your 8th notes into melodic ideas that accent every third or fifth note.
                     3 over 4 cross rhythm.mp3    5 over 4 cross rhythm.mp3
  • Try the most basic polyrhythm, triplets. Try playing phrases of continuous triplets instead of 8th notes.
                     8th notes vs. triplets.mp3


  1. Hi Ben,
    You should probably record your voice and the horn separately (on different mics) and then put them together in a DAW because the voice is incredibly soft compared to your horn. I have to ride the volume knob to hear the whole thing. Just a thought.
    Barry C

  2. Thanks for the feedback Barry. I agree I need to get the vocal volume higher.

  3. Otherwise it's great stuff as always. :-)