Friday, September 23, 2011

Saxophonists Shauli Einav & Matt Marantz

Last week I wrote about Brian Girley, an up and coming saxophonist, and today I want to introduce two more young saxophonists, Shauli Einav and Matt Marantz. These two guys have completely different approaches to music and are both playing on a very high level.

Shauli Einav's Opus One

Shauli Einav's most recent record, Opus One, is a meeting of the jazz tradition and Einav's heritage which he seemingly effortlessly combines in interesting and imaginative ways. Throughout the recording Einav draws from musical elements of Israel, traditional jazz, and from today's jazz. He manages to blend everything without sounding cliche resulting in an original and beautiful album.

The writing on the recording is fantastic. Einav combines his influences writing compelling music that is not predictable and keeps you wanting more. The musical elements drawn from his heritage are incorporated in a way that strengthen the compositions and expand the jazz idiom. Most of the tunes have a memorable and unique approach when compared to each others, which keeps the writing and the record sounding fresh.

Einav's saxophone playing also draws from his various influences. These elements combine to form his very personal voice on the saxophone. While he draws from many places he is still first and foremost a jazz saxophonist, and you can clearly hear his mastery of the jazz tradition. His strengths as a player and a writer, combined with the great playing of his fellow musicians make for a great recording.

Stop by to find out more about Shauli Einav and get the album.

Matt Marantz' Offering

Offering, Matt Marantz' debut album, serves as a bold statement of his musical personality. The music is clearly drawn from the more recent generation of jazz, and Marantz creates its beauty through its depth of harmonic and melodic language. Marantz has painted a complex soundscape matching his modern yet very approachable aesthetic.

Marantz' saxophone playing is on display in this record. He has mastered the saxophone to the point that he effortlessly communicates his musical ideas with ease and beauty throughout the record. His improvisation draws from today's genre of saxophone playing, and his approach to sound is clear, emotive and never sullied. His playing is one of the strongest aspects of the record, and the record is worth checking out just for that alone.

The band is tight and comfortably weaves through all of Marantz' intricate compositions. Each member makes a strong contribution to the album. Most importantly, Marantz leads and shapes the group with his impelling compositions and excellent playing.

Go to to grab the album.

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