Friday, September 16, 2011

Tito Puente Masterworks Live & Brian Girley's Faith

I'd like to share that a recording I performed on, ‎"Tito Puente Masterworks Live!!!", was nominated for Best Latin Jazz Album at this years Latin Grammys. I'm excited to have performed on a nominated album! Click here to see the nominees.

I also wanted to share an amazing record with you from a saxophonist of the up and coming generation.

Brian Girley's Faith
Faith is Girley's debut recording as a leader and is an impressive fusion of his melodic and singable writing with the virtuoso and intense solos from the entire group. The recording is multifaceted and represents a range of influences. It remains deep, complex, and musical, while still appealing to the general listener.

Girley's musical instincts are on display throughout the record. Both his improvisations and compositions have beautiful architecture which ebbs and flows in a way that keeps the listener interested and engaged. Brian is a fantastic soloist as well. His melodic lines, harmonic approach, and intensity serve as a sure foundation to his improvisation. Go check it out... now!

Featured on the record are cohorts Julian Shore, Gilad Hekselman, Linda Oh, and Ross Pederson.

You can hear the music and get it directly from Brian's website here.

Track Listing:
1 Could Be Something
2 Bass Intro
3 My Cross to Bare
4 Faith I
5 Judas Kiss
6 Faith II "the backsliders prayer"
7 Mating Complex
8 Cover 2
9 Enduring

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