Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mark VI Tenor 98xxx For Sale

I've got my eyes on another horn, so I've decided to sale my 98xxx Mark VI

I just had the horn overhauled last year by a Philly sax tech, Larry Frank, so it's in great playing condition. The sound is bright and powerful, and it is on the free blowing side of the spectrum. Here are a couple examples of me playing on it:

Cosmetically it's gorgeous, and physically it's in great shape with no dents and one minor ding on the player's side of the bell. It has a unique honey color lacquer, the result of a relacquer. The guy I bought it from said it was a factory relacquer, which is attested to by a very clean job and the uncommon hue. The engraving still looks very good too. 

I was told that it is a European horn (no mark VI on the bell). The neck did have an aftermarket pickup installed, which I had plugged as part of the overhaul, which you can see in the pictures. There is one spot that looks soldered on the low C key guard (there is a pic of that too). 

Here is a link to pictures of the horn on google drive:

Please email me at or call 443 995 4727. The horn is located in Pottstown, PA. The price is $6000 (+shipping/paypal fees). Local buyers are welcome to come try the horn.

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