Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Lubing Your LIgature?

I recently got a Rovner Platinum Ligature as a gift (kinda fun, but a little dark for my taste), and I was thumbing through the information sheet of general instructions for all ligatures and noticed that it talks about lubricating the metal fittings of the ligature. It reads:
"IMPORTANT! This ligature will not perform unless the metal fittings are properly lubricated. Lack of lubrication can cause the ligature to sound stuffy or dull. Lubricate rubbing surfaces and threads of metal parts regularly with a good general lubricant (household oil) or cork grease."
So, I slapped on some canola oil, and it definitely improved the tone. More importantly, I lubricated the threads on the screws of my normal two screw ligature, and there was an immediate difference in the tone. It essentially sounded more full bodied, and it was a notable difference. Definitely recommended.

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